I’m in!


So on the 8th Feb, the email landed in my inbox to tell me that I would indeed be running the Great North Run this year. This filled me with one feeling: Panic!

See ever since arriving in Newcastle in 2009 and witnessing my first ever Great North Run from my friends halls accommodation window, I’ve thought one day that will be me. However, whenever it has come to starting up running or getting fitter generally I’ve never seen it through. I used to be pretty decent at long distance running at school, but now when I run I go bright red and I feel out of breath just by going round the block. So naturally, now the thought of having to keep it going for 13.1 miles is preeetty daunting. Really what have I gotten myself into?!

You might be thinking, if you’re dreading it that much, then really why on earth did you sign up in the first place? Well the simple answer to that is that since August 2016, I have been working for a brilliant charity, The Young Women’s Outreach Project in Gateshead, and I am passionate about the work it does with young people locally. I want do the GNR in order to fundraise to help keep this incredible project doing what it’s doing; positively impacting vulnerable or at risk young women, because despite our sessions and group work with young women being funded, everyday costs and maintenance bills are not covered within that.

I am currently a complete novice with no clue about how to train, no knowledge on nutrition, or any suitable attire and accessories for running within my wardrobe, nothing, nada, zilch therefore I thought this blog would be a brilliant way of a) raising the profile of the great charity but also b) enabling you to follow this no doubt crazy, hilarious and hopefully insightful journey as I go from being somewhat of a couch potato to a professional runner bean.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Maybe you relate? Or maybe you’re also doing the GNR this year? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

Follow my journey over on social media too.

Instagram: @mrsheatherjwoods

And if you would like to generously donate to The Young Women’s Outreach Project, please follow this link:


to my JustGiving page.

With love, Heather x



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